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nvpnhcknn 24.08.2006

Нашёл в архиве с винампом на болванке пятилетней давности.

We've all heard people say, "Analog sounds better." To understand this idea, consider analog as a storage format (tapes, records) vs. analog for the playback of music (vintage analog equipment: tube amplifiers, valve EQs, etc.)

As a storage format, analog has limitations. Records suffer from wear, dust and scratches. Digital storage lets us preserve music without loss, copy it, organize it, and process it.

But vintage analog equipment gives music warmth, bass, depth and just an overall pleasing sound. The nonlinear aspects of analog playback that a mathemetician would consider "wrong" actually make music sound better.

iZotope Ozone is the result of an extensive research effort to separate the good from the bad of analog and model the desirable aspects. As a plug-in for Winamp, iZotope Ozone offers all the convenience of digital storage combined with the sound quality of vintage analog equipment.

We didn't just throw away the bad qualities of old audio, though. We put them in iZotope Vinyl so you can add the dust, scratches and noise that we took out. Ozone makes music sound "old good". Vinyl makes it sound "old bad".

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